Babybel® Variety Pack

babybel variety pack

Discover 3 of our flavours in our iconic net, for a fun and nutritious snack you can carry anywhere.

Babybel Variety Pack is now made in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients.

Babybel Original: The unmistakable red one and the most popular of them all, Babybel Original is always on hand for some good, natural fun, featuring a unique texture and flavour.

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Babybel Swiss taste: Babybel Swiss taste combines the pronounced fruity taste of classic Swiss cheese with the mild taste of Babybel, all wrapped in a distinctive yellow wax coating. A refreshing recipe that your taste buds will love!

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Babybel Cheddar taste: This delicious Cheddar variety is great in your lunchbox or as a snack all by its delicious self. Forget about feeling peckish with this healthy snack.

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Our 3 flavours in this variety pack are a source of calcium.

Available in nets of 12 or 18 portions.

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