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Here’s how you can join our
terracycle recycling program

TerraCycle recycles the cellophane wrapping, the net, the tag, the metal clasp and the wax, giving all these materials a second life and generating less waste.

Step 1

Through your desktop or mobile browser, start by signing up for TerraCycle’s free recycling program.

Step 2

Don’t throw our packaging in the garbage! Store all your nets, tags, metal clasps, cellophane wrappings and wax in a box.

Step 3

Once your box is full, seal it tightly, download and print a prepaid label.

Step 4

Send your box to TerraCycle. For every box of recyclable material that you mail, you will earn points you can then exchange for donations to a school or charity of your choice.

What happens to the recyclable

The cellophane, nets and tags are used to make other plastic items. Our cellophane is compostable, while the nets and tags are transformed into other plastic objects. But that’s not all: the metal clasps are separated from the tags and then melted to make joints, nuts and bolts. After being melted and filtered to remove any impurities, the wax can be used to make new candles. At Babybel® nothing is lost, everything is transformed!

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To learn more about the TerraCycle values and their recycling programs with Babybel, visit https://www.terracycle.com/en-CA/brigades/babybel-en-ca

Help the environment and invest your points to support a school or a charity that you hold close to your heart.