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Our Canadian plant


Our Canadian plant


In 2018, we were proud to open our very first Canadian Babybel® factory in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec. Babybel has been selling its products in Canada since 1979, and with this plant, the brand has become a full-fledged Quebec dairy processor.

All Babybel products made in Canada proudly bear the Dairy Farmers of Canada logo.

Although Babybel may temporarily offer products imported from Europe, most of its product portfolio is produced here with 100% Canadian quality milk. This is good news for local milk producers but also for the local economy since this project has created more than 170 skilled jobs.

This is an important step towards achieving one of our objectives: to increase the local production of products intended for the Canadian market to better meet its needs.


We produce our one-of-a-kind cheese in our Sorel-Tracy factory, featuring safe and modern equipment in a growth and opportunity focused environment for our new employees.

All of our products proudly exit the factory with the Dairy Farmers of Canada logo attached.

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Sustainable packaging

The goodness we wrap our delicious cheese snacks with should match the goodness inside every bite! That’s why we’ve taken big steps to make sure we’re committed to always improve, both inside and out.
Our mission is to provide you with a healthy and balanced snack in an eco-friendly packaging, limiting our environmental impact.

Our cheese protecting wrappers are made of cellulose originating from certified forests. That means it’s now home compostable!

Our red wax helps protect and preserve the freshness and flavour of our Babybel. We are also working on eco-friendly alternatives to our famous protective shells.

We use 100% recycled cardboard to deliver our products all over Canada, all of which is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Our red wax helps protect and preserve our cheese. Next up: plant-based wax.

We use 100% recycled cardboard.

Future goals

Every day, we strive to make our packaging more responsible and sustainable to make our wax protected cheese a more sustainable snacking option. We’re on the right track and these are the next steps we’ll be taking:


We’re looking beyond the net for fully recyclable packaging solutions.


We’re even exploring ways to remove the cellophane packaging (while preserving the quality of our products, of course!)


We’re currently reimagining our red wax protective shells in finding ways to use materials that are better for the environment like plant-based wax. Stay tuned!


By 2025, we’re striving to make Babybel®’s cheese packaging 100% recyclable.



Join the goodness

Through the power of Babybel® cheese, a more delicious and satisfying world is just a peel away.

Taste buds aren’t the only part of your body that loves the Babybel family. This 100% real cheese which has always been lactose free is a good source of protein and calcium, helping to strengthen bones, promote muscle growth and keep you satisfied, all in one single portion. Thanks to its individual portions, it’s the perfect snack at home or on-the-go when the munchies strike.

Our Babybel cheese is produced without any food colouring, preservatives or artificial flavouring.

Discover what makes Mini
Babybel® a delicious snack

Unwrap our cheesemaking secrets

So here’s a bit about how we make our Babybel Original taste so good while having a soft texture.


Milking the cow

Our cheese is made with 100% Canadian cow’s milk that comes from carefully chosen local farms.


Transforming our milk into cheese

Our milk is then pasteurized and transformed into curds. Then we press the curds into individual moulds to give our small cheese balls their special shape.


Time for a bath

The future Babybel takes a dive into salted water (called brine) that will preserve the cheese and develop its unique flavour.


Getting dressed!

Each Babybel cheese is coated in wax to keep its freshness before its famous red wrapper adds the finishing touch so you can easily find it on shelves at the grocery store.


And there you go, your favorite snack is ready to enjoy!

Say “Hello” to an alternative way to snack

Snacking is an enjoyable moment to satisfy nutritional needs between meals, thanks to a smart combination of convenient and tasty products. Whether you’re sitting at your dining table, in a park for a picnic or at the office, Babybel is the ideal snack.

For a balanced diet, our small cheese has great nutritional benefits: high in protein and calcium.

It’s also a great solution for lactose intolerant snack lovers, as it’s lactose free.

Water or 1 healthy drink

1 Babybel® Original

1 serving of grains

1 fruit or some nuts


Give mindful snacking a try with one Babybel paired with fresh orange juice and a slice of bread.

Give mindful snacking a try with one Babybel paired with a glass of water and a handful of nuts & dried fruit.

Give mindful snacking a try with one Babybel paired with water and an apple.

Feeling snaky?
Here’s our advice

Have a playful and delicious snacking moment with these original Babybel creations, keeping you satisfied between meals, after sports practice or when you need a pick-me-up after work or school.

Striving for goodness

There’s good behind our goodness. Within every cheesy bite of Babybel®, there’s a team of farmers, cows and even experts in sustainability. All of whom strive hard to do their best for you, each other, and the planet.

These efforts allow us to locally produce this nutritious and protein-rich cheese. But that’s not all! We are currently testing eco-friendly alternatives to our famous protective shells to keep all our Babybel products fresh, in a durable way. Our objective is to have all Babybel packaging be 100% recyclable by 2025!