Babybel® Gouda Taste


Babybel Gouda Taste comes with the promise of comfort thanks to the creamy, nutty flavour of Gouda. And it’s not just for sophisticated palates: kids enjoy it too!

Babybel Gouda Taste is a source of calcium, a source of protein and lactose free.

Available in nets of 6 pieces.

Nutrition Facts

Per 1 unit (20g)g | %DV*
Fat5g | 7%
Saturated Fat3.5g | 17%
Trans Fat0.1g
Fiber0g | 0%
Sugars0g | 0%
Per 1 unit (20g)g | %DV*
Sodium125mg | 5%
Potassium10mg | 0%
Calcium125mg | 10%
Iron0mg | 0%

Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, Salt, Bacterial culture, Calcium chloride, Microbial enzyme. Contains: Milk.
*5% or less is a little, 15% or more is a lot

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